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Advanced Technologies for Industry

The EU Datathon team has announced the 9 finalist teams for the EU Datathon 2021. The finalists were selected from 247 applications spanning 47 countries in Europe and beyond. The finalists are divided between the three challenges:

Challenge 1: A European Deal

  • cleanSpot (Spain)
  • FROG2G (Montenegro)
  • The Carbons (India)

Challenge 2: An economy that works for people

  • CityScale (Ukraine)
  • ITER IDEA (Italy)
  • PowerToYEUth (Portugal)

Challenge 3: A Europe fit for the digital age

  • Democracy Game (Greece)
  • TrackmyEU (Italy, France)
  • VislmE-260 (Italy)

The teams have five months to develop their proposals into fully functioning applications, which will be presented at the finals of the EU Datathon event, followed by an award ceremony on 25 November 2021.

The EU Datathon is an annual open data competition open to data enthusiasts worldwide. To enter the competition, participants sent ideas for applications that use open datasets and address one of three thematic challenges (shared above), aligned with the priorities of the European Commission. The finalists need to turn their ideas into functional applications and compete for up to €18 000 in the competition's finals.


The Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project focuses on the advanced technologies that will enable and help industries to successfully manage a shift towards a digitalised, low-carbon and knowledge-based economy. In this regard, the ATI website publishes policy briefs about national and regional policy measures focused on a specific policy challenge, technological area or mode of implementation and reports such as Technology Focus on Data Sharing that focuses on the evolution of data and data sharing as an advanced technology that fosters the digital transformation of Europe.