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Development of novel IOT use cases to support the healthcare sector

In October 2020 the H2020 project IntellIOT, funded by the European Commission, was launched. The project, which runs until September 2023, has the objective to support the development of novel intelligent, human-centred and trustworthy Internet of Things (IoT) use cases in specific sectors, including the healthcare sector. As has become apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic the health sector is under stress. New and advanced technologies and novel related use cases can solve part of this problem.

The European Commission promotes the use of IoT to support digitisation of society and economy. In this light, IntellIoT will develop a framework for intelligent IoT environments with a focus on semi-autonomous IoT applications. It aims to develop new use cases in which a human expert plays the role of controlling and teaching the Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled systems. The IntellIoT project will focus on the following sectors and use cases:

  • Healthcare: the monitoring of patients by sensors in order to receive advice and interventions from virtual advisors.
  • Agriculture: the semi-autonomously operation of a tractor in conjunction with drones.
  • Manufacturing: the sharing of highly automated plants by multiple tenants using machinery from third-party vendors.

The following three key features are relevant for the project:

  • Human-defined autonomy which is established by Artificial Intelligence on IoT devices while users teach and refine the AI (with AR/VR).
  • Decentralised, semi-autonomous IoT applications that are enabled by agents of a multi-agent system, defining a novel architecture for IoT.
  • An efficient and reliable computation & communication infrastructure, powered by 5G, optimising the utilisation of the network and the compute resources.

Remote operations using (biometric) sensors and remote health assistance can enable the monitoring of patients without the need to travel in order to visit hospitals. To support novel use cases, IntellIoT will leverage on new and advanced technologies, including IoT, cybersecurity, AR/VR and 5G. Novel use cases aim to support healthcare professionals to work more efficiently and generate more insight. The optimisation of remote healthcare will support patients and relieve stress on hospitals and healthcare professionals. 

The Advanced Technology for Industry (ATI) project has recently published the Product Watch on Artificial Intelligence-based software as a medical device, a valuable addition to the hardware and services provided by the MedTech industry. This report provides an overview of MedTech stakeholders to see how advanced technology-based products in this sector help EU industry to stay ahead of global competition.