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Webinar Basque Environment 4.0 – Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas al sector medioambiental

Online event

The European Green Deal is key to achieve emission neutrality on the continent, develop the circular economy and promote sustainable development. There is no doubt about the European commitment to decarbonise the economy, however, it is necessary to define the most efficient way to achieve it. Today we are witnessing two revolutions that are transforming the world we live in: the digital revolution and the ecological transition. The correct synchronisation of actions aimed at promoting this Twin Transition: GREEN + DIGITAL, can be the most effective method to guarantee the future of our society, optimising the protection of the environment and achieving sustainable and fair economic growth for all.


12:00 Opening: Estibaliz Hernaez vice-minister of Technology, innovation and digital transformation of the Basque government, Xabier Caño president of Aclima

12:15 Twin transition: green and digital. Marta Batalla, policy officer, Industrial forum, alliances and clusters at the European Commission

12:30 Basque government commitment to digitization. Leyre Madariaga, director of digital transformation and entrepreneurship of the Basque government

12:45 Basque environment 4.0. Olga Martin, general director of Aclima

13:00 Conclusions on the report: "responsible digital transformation: the bridge between digital and circular economy policies", Maialen Pérez, public policy consultant at Technopolis Group

13:10 Presentation of the report: "digitization of the environmental sector", Iñigo Aizpuru, circular economy technician in Ihobe

13:20 Questions and closing