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Advanced Technologies for Industry

Capturing advanced technology uptake in manufacturing: The Case of AI, IoT, Cloud and Robotics

Online event

The manufacturing industry is a strong asset of the European economy, whose competitiveness is highly dependent on the ability of this sector to deliver high-quality innovative products using the latest advances in ICT.
Certain technologies, such as Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, have a great impact on manufacturing. The adoption of these new technological possibilities will have consequences for the production process, by lowering the cost of production, improving the speed of operations and minimizing errors.

The webinar is organised within the Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking event 2021 by the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project and will give an overview of the main trends and adoptions of advanced technologies (focus on IIoT, AI, Robotics and Cloud) in the manufacturing sector.

Speaker: Giorgio Micheletti – Consulting Director, IDC4EU

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