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Online event

On June 3rd, 2021 from 10:00 – 12:00 CEST the 3DP PAN EU project will organise a webinar on Additive Manufacturing in the EU: Report on the European Demonstration 3D Printing Industry. During this webinar they will present the preliminary results of the study on the additive manufacturing landscape undertaken by project partner IDEA Consult. The presentation will include an overview of 3D printing demonstration services in the EU and an analysis of the supply and demand conditions for these services by SMEs. They will also welcome experts and industrial actors to share their views on the Additive Manufacturing landscape, specifically demonstration and valorisation of 3D Printing, as well as needs highlighted from the SME perspective and the role of facility centres and service providers.


  • Opening and welcome
  • Background to the project and the study
  • Key results from the study on additive manufacturing in the EU
  • Expert views on the AM industry
  • 3D Printing needs of SMEs
  • Role of international facility centres in the European AM industry
  • Q&A

Attendance to the webinar is free of cost however registration is required in order to share the link to the online meeting room. Through the link below you will be able to access and fill in the simple registration form.


Register here: