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How to use the ATI data dashboard?

The ATI data dashboard provides countries and industries statistical evidence on the level of technology production and uptake, with the aim to support policy making and technological transformation.

You can find the data dashboard here on the ATI website. The dashboard displays country

Capturing advanced technology skills through LinkedIn

The ATI project has gathered new evidence about the employment of skilled professionals across industries and countries at the level of individual advanced technologies relying on data from the self-reported skills of professionals in LinkedIn, a widely used and accepted online job platform.


ATI survey about the uptake of advanced technologies

The Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) survey was conducted between June and September 2019 and investigated the uptake of advanced technologies, including their level of adoption, the associated industry-specific use cases, the digital transformation drivers that are sustained by these

The ATI Data Dashboard is live

The ATI data dashboard provides statistics and data on the level of technology production and uptake, their impact across sectors and countries, supporting policymakers and businesses in their decision making.

The data dashboard helps to answer questions like:

  • What are the maturity levels and